Eryn "Lady E" Shewell, On Stage

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Kenny Simmons & Eryn Shewell

Matt O'Ree, Guitarist

So I have been to many CD release parties including a few of my own and I was not that enthusiastic about going. But when I walked into The House of Independent on Cookman Avenue in downtown fabulous Asbury Park, New Jersey to see our 2017 Artist and Song of the Year Award Winner -  Ms. Eryn Shewell the place was smoking.

 The light was flashing the stage smoke was flowing and the opening act band was on fire, I felt like I had arrived home. I was very proud to be a member of the New Jersey Independent community, and I settled in for an evening that I won't soon forget. 

The opening act" The Shady Street Show Band" blew me away with their originality and sound. A band that has to keep at it, because they are only a few steps from achieving their dreams.

Eryn's musicians lead by keyboardist extraordinaire the multi-talented Matt Wade, came out next and blew the room away. Matt Wade, if I had to describe his style, which I hate to do. He would be a cross between Billy Joel and Greg Allman, but with his own flair for music and song. A strong musician and vocalist Matt Wade is a name everybody needs to see and hear to believe. Great Job, Matt.

Then came the star of the show The iCharts 2017 Artist and Song Of The Year Award Winner, Ms. Eryn Shewell. Her  7 piece band were well rehearsed, performed and captivated the audience from the first song to the last. Eryn has pipes, Eryn has stage presence, Eryn held the audience by their hands and led them down a bluey, funky, well organized and vastly entertaining set. 

In the meantime, Eryn was having a blast on stage and sang like the true musical diva that she is. I had a chance to holler at her after her phenomenal performance and I whispered in her ear. "I really think that there is a Black Women inside of you". She laughed and agreed, my God, this woman can sing.

With many surprises as the night unfolded. Her husband and guitarist Matt O'Ree played like a man possessed, blew us all away with one tasty solo after another.

But the real surprise and treat for this captivated audience was my man. iCharts Of New Jersey  Alumni and New Jersey's own guitarist Mr. Anthony Krizan, along with Harmonica player Sandy Mack.  

Eryn allowed them some space to bring the room to their feet with an astonishing guitar battle between Anthony & Matt. That I can only hope someone recorded for other guitar players to learn from.

So, all in all, I was glad to be witness to such a musically fulfilling evening and I close by saying. Support my sister Eyrn and her band, buy her latest CD and if you ever get a chance to see her live, make it your business to go. 

You will not be disappointed.

Kenny Simmons

Founder Of iCharts Of New Jersey ©

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Asbury Park, New Jersey

Reported By Kenny Simmons.

June 27th, 2018



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